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This is what we've always wanted and dreamed of ... We have reached a point when our interesting and different life knowledge and experience can merge into one, in a simple and wonderful project. This dream is being realized through love and passion for the Dalmatian outdoors throughout the project of Dalmatia Explorer.

It all started back in the beautiful, happy and carefree childhood, when nature was our favorite playground :) ...

Now we want to share our love of spending time outdoors with you through Dalmatia Explorer, through a multi-outdoor daily and multi-day sustainable inspirational adventures, recreational and sports activities.

We want to bring you closer to all the gorgeous expanses of Dalmatia which we still admire everyday again and again ... lakes, rivers, mountains, hidden bays ... Through aromas, sounds, touches, images ... movement.

What our ancestors have safeguarded for us for centuries, today we can share with you, open harted people, who know how to share a piece of themselves with the nature. Join us through infinite landscapes and secrets of Dalmatia, and let’s leave nothing but footprins ... so that those come after us can equally enjoy and admire the natural and cultural heritage of our and your Dalmatia! We are a small family, a small team ... but professionalism towards people and business is our top priority in order to ensure your comfort, safety and overall enjoyment.

We are Adventure travel company offering sustainable and inspirational Outdoor adventures and Eco tours. Explore Dalmatia with us, the best kept secret in Croatia!

Only for Dogs and Explorers ... smiley-mig

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